There are many reasons to use Cogent TYPE-C™ HPLC columns for new method development

Below are just some of the reasons and attached is a White Paper that presents compelling reasons to use them.

Often gradients are required to cope with large differences in polarity of multiple compounds in a mixture. With TYPE-C™ columns there always is the possibility to achieve isocratic analyses where traditional HPLC Columns could require gradients. As can be seen from a real life examples Cogent TYPE-C™ columns also have the ability to retain compounds that cannot be retained on previous types of supports and phases.

Also, the lack of water shells on Cogent TYPE-C™ columns makes change of pH and switching between Reversed Phase  to Aqueous Normal Phase ANP to Normal Phase rapid and virtually memory free.

TYPE-C™ columns can have multiple separation mechanisms at work such as Reverse Phase and Aqueous Normal Phase, which can be modified by choice of appropriate bonded phase to interact or act separately. 

The most popular reason is the increased selectivity power of these columns and the ability to be orthogonal to themselves. For untargeted analysis, these columns have no equal for this reason.


Why Labs Should Adopt TC   52.2 Kb   Download File