Concern if RSA™ vials been discontinued and did RSA-Pro™ change to RSA-Pro X™ is answered.

No, RSA™ Vials the non-surface treated, hydrophilic, borosilicate glass vials do not adsorb basic compounds are still available and remain one of the most popular vials in the market today. They and are still an excellent choice for compounds that adsorb to silanols such as basic drugs.

RSA-Pro™ Vials are no longer available and are replaced by an improved technology in RSA-Pro X™ Vials. RSA-Pro vials and RSA-Pro X vials will perform the same basic function but RSA-Pro X does it better, lasts longer even in the presence of water and can be autoclaved and frozen to -80C.

RSA-Pro X™ Vials are indicated for hydrophilic compounds that will stick to glass structures. Proteins, Peptides and other compounds that will stick to bare glass should be used with RSA-Pro X™. You can think of RSA-Pro X™ as a product improvement over RSA-Pro™ and other “silanized” vials and inserts.

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