A Reliable Assay for Detection of a Catechin found in Green Teas  

This simple Isocratic Method may be used to quantitate this potentially therapeutic compound found in plants.  The Method maintains consistent and reliable results. The %RSD for Retention Times for both standards and sample were less than 0.1%.


Method Conditions:
Column: Cogent Zx Similars C18™, 5µm, 100Å
Catalog No.: 65518-15P
Dimensions: 4.6 x 150mm
Mobile Phase: 25:75 Acetonitrile / DI Water with 1% Acetic Acid
Injection vol.: 5μL
Flow rate: 1.0mL / minute
Detection: UV @ 280nm
Sample Preparation: 0.1mg EGCG dissolved in 1 mL of DI Water

Note: Epigallocatechin Gallate is an antioxidant Polyphenol flavonoid and exerts anti-tumor properties by inhibiting Telomerase and DNA Methyltransferase activity.  This compound is an abundant flavonoid in green tea.

This Method was developed by and is presented courtesy of Eutech Scientific Services