The Surfaces are very different.

Both, RSA™ and RSA-Pro X™ Vials and Inserts are low adsorbing, will not change the pH of your sample diluent, use no grease or mold release agents in the production of the vials, have “Best in the market” inner and outer dimensional controls and offer better HPLC, LCMS, GC and GCMS data.

RSA™ Vials and Inserts are native borosilicate glass that is converted to autosampler vials through a process that does not create silanols on the glass surface like all other vial product, and the surface is hydrophilic. When the silanols of ordinary vials are de-protonated, they become charged and will adsorb basic compounds removing them from your sample. The RSA™ Vials and Inserts do not have these silanols and therefore provide a pristine surface that offers better data.

RSA-Pro X™ Vials and Inserts are RSA™ Vials and Inserts that undergo further treatment in our factory. The proprietary RSA-Pro X™ synthesis converts the surface of RSA Vials and Inserts from Hydrophilic to Hydrophobic. There are no leachables found in the RSA-Pro X™ Vials and Inserts and the hydrophobic surface is permanent.

If you would like further information on the differences, click HERE to for our Technical Services Department contact information. They will be happy to make sure your questions are answered.

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