My Vials are Breaking in the Autosampler. What could be causing them to break?

Suggestion: This Vial breakage may be due to your Needle settings in your Instrument Panel. Check with your metrologist or laboratory SOPs, but settings for an Agilent 1100 can be found here in the Instrument Control Panel and opening the Injector Box:

From here, expand the “More” tab under the Injector set up:

This allows you to view the draw position of the needle.

With Vial inserts, the draw Position is generally recommended to 3.0mm. Regular 2mL (12x32mm) Vials can be less, but a value of 1.0 mm ensures the Needle doesn’t reach the bottom of the Vial.

Check your laboratory SOPs for proper Settings to determine the appropriate position for your Methods.

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