Does the HSQ kit for HPLC work with a Jasco HPLC? Can all tests be performed with a 20 µL micro-loop?

It depends. With the Agilent 1100 type systems for example, a 10 µL injection volume will produce a maximum peak height for the L6 solution of typically about 1600 – 1800 mAU, which is about the maximum absorbance one would use on that detector. For your Jasco system, you would have to try to inject the L6 solution at 20 µL and see if it overloads the detector. 

Few detectors can go above 2000 mAU (2 absorbance units), and some of the lower quality ones are only linear to around 1200 – 1500 mAU. So you will have to do some trial injections of the most concentrated solution, L6, and see if it gives the peak heights you want. If it is too high, you will have to exchange the fixed loop for a smaller volume. 

Because of the fixed injection volume, you would not be performing the volume injection linearity test, so leaving that date blank will bypass the data for that in the program.  All the other tests could be performed as written though. 

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