The following is a list of articles published in peer-reviewed journals and books that discuss Cogent UDC-Cholesterol™ based materials and their applications:


Authors Title Publication Date Volume Pages
H. Grajek, Z. Witkiewicz, M. Purchała, W. Drzewiński Liquid Crystals as Stationary Phases in Chromatography Chromatographia 2016    1-29
 J. E. Young, M.T. Matyska, A.K. Azad, S.E. Yoc, J.J. Pesek Separation Differences Among Phenyl Hydride, Undecanoyl Cholesterol, and Bidentate C8 Stationary Phases for Stability Indicating Methods of Tetracyclines J. Liq. Chromatogr. & Rel Technol. 2013 36 926-942
H. Yeman, T. Nicholson, V. Friebolin, L. Steinhauser, M.T. Matyska, J.J. Pesek, K. Albert Time-dependent column performance of cholesterol-based stationary phases for HPLC by LC characterization and solid-state NMR spectroscopy J. Sep. Sci. 2012 35 1582-1588
S. Bocian, J. Soukup, M. Matyska, J. Pesek, P. Jandera, B. Buszewski The influence of the organic modifier in hydro-organic mobile phase on separation selectivity of steroid hormones separation using cholesterol-bonded stationary phases J. Chromatogr. A. 2012 1245 90-97
S. Bocian, M. Matyska, J. Pesek, B. Buszewski Study of solvation processes on cholesterol bonded phases J. Chromatogr. A 2011 1218 441-448
S. Bocian, M. Matyska, J. Pesek, B. Buszewski Study of the Retention and Selectivity of Cholesterol Bonded Phases with Different Linkage Spacers J. Sep. Sci. 2010 1217  6891-6897
V. Freibolin, M.P. Bayer, M.T. Matyska, J.J. Pesek, K. Albert 1H HR/MAS NMR in the suspended state: Molecular recognition processes in liquid chromatography between steroids and a silica hydride-based cholesterol phase J. Sep. Sci. 2009 32 1722-1728
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B. Buszewski, M. Jerierska-Switala, R. Kaliszan, A. Wojtczak, K. Albert, S. Bachmann, M.T. Matyska, J.J. Pesek Selectivity Tuning and Molecular Modeling of New Generation Packings for RP-HPLC Chromatographia 2001 53 204-212
A.P. Catabay, J.J. Pesek, M.T. Matyska, K. Jinno Pharmaceutical Applications using Cholesterol-10-undecenoate Bonded Phase in Microcolumn Liquid Chromatography J. Liq. Chromatogr. Relat. Technol. 1999 22 953-967
A. Catabay, M. Taniguichi, K. Jinno, J.J. Pesek, E. Williamsen Separation of 1,4-Benzodiazepines and Analogs Using Cholesteryl 10-Undecenoate Bonded Phase in Microcolumn Liquid Chromatography J. Liq. Chromatogr. & Rel. Technol. 1998 36 111
A. Catabay, C. Okumura, K. Jinno, J.J. Pesek, E. Williamsen, J.C. Fetzer, W.R. Biggs Retention Behavior of Large Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Cholesteryl 10-Undecenoate Bonded Phase in Microcolumn Liquid Chromatography Chromatographia 1998 47 13
J.J. Pesek, M.T. Matyska, E.J. Williamsen, R. Tam Variable-Temperature Solid-State NMR Studies of Bonded Liquid Crystal Stationary Phases for HPLC Chromatographia 1995 41 301
Y. Saito, H. Ohta, H. Nagashima, K. Itoh, K. Jinno, J.J. Pesek Separation of Fullerenes with Liquid-Crystal Bonded Silica Phases in Microcolumn High Performance Liquid Chromatography J. Microcol. Sep. 1995 7 41
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J.J. Pesek, Y Lu, A.M. Siouffi, F. Grandperrin Chromatographic Characterization of a Bonded Liquid Crystal Stationary Phase for HPLC Chromatographia 1991 31 147


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