How does manually adding MicroSolv inserts to a 96-well plate compare to the Waters Quickload™ format in terms of contamination?

The Waters Quick Load™ packaging format has all the inserts facing down in the packaging. The appropriate 96-well plate is placed on top of the inserts and is then both are turned upside down, such that all the inserts are loaded at once, now¬†facing upright.

Adding inserts manually one at a time does not significantly differ in terms of contamination if they are handled appropriately with nitrile or latex-free gloves on a clean work surface. With the Waters Quick Load™ packaging, one must consider as potential sources of contamination any dust on the 96-well plate that is flipped upside down, the cardboard that the inserts rest on and they are loaded by hand at the factory as you would be doing in your lab.

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