MicroSolv has the world’s most comprehensive assortment of Vials, Caps & Inserts for every chromatography need.

This assortment of solutions are provided in 4 different “ type tiers” or levels to suit every lab’s analytical and budgetary requirements. Each tier/level is described below  including the value each type of vial, cap, limited volume insert or storage bottle provides.


BASIK Brand™ vials and caps are made for general HPLC, GC and SFC use. They are manufactured to be economical without sacrificing quality.  The clear vials are made with TYPE I, 33 expansion,  borosilicate glass and the amber vials are made with TYPE I, N51A expansion, borosilicate glass. All BASIK vials are inspected by in line vision, camera systems for fit, form and cleanliness.

Lowest cost general vials and caps for HPLC, GC, and SFC. Series 1,000

MicroSolv Brand™ vials, caps and inserts, our first brand, are made for a more demanding laboratory. This tier is often selected by pharmaceutical laboratories for the pharmaceutical grade glass and packaging. The clear and amber glass vials are made with TYPE I, N51A expansion borosilicate glass and inspected by in line vision camera systems for fit, form, cleanliness. Glass inserts are made with TYPE I, 33 expansion borosilicate glass with the exception of the flat bottom inserts which use the 51A expansion glass. The MicroSolv brand offers plastic vials as well as glass/plastic combinations for compounds that do not adsorb or react with  glass. The MicroSolv brand offers plastic vials as well as glass/plastic combinations, Headspace products for all types of autosamplers and storage bottles. 

Traditional vials and caps offered by instrument companies at a more affordable price; often used in HPLC, GC, Limited Volume, Headspace, Plastic Vials, Storage Vials. Series 2,000

AQ Brand™or Advanced Quality Brand™ vials use a special formulation of glass tubing stock and tight manufacturing SOP to make this high quality vial with TYPE I, 33 expansion borosilicate glass. Inspected by in line vision systems cameras for fit and form, these vials are also QC tested for extractables and cleanliness and can be “certificated.” The amber vials are made with the same high quality tubing stock but is TYPE I N51A expansion glass. When compared to market leading “Certified Vials” the AQ Brand is chosen by labs working in HPLC, GC, LCMS, GCMS and other techniques when consistency is required and changes in data is not acceptable. The caps and septa are manufactured the same way as the vials and can be certificated as well upon request.

Advanced quality from traditional vials and caps designed for labs that need ultra clean vials for more demanding applications such as R&D and UHPLC; often used in HPLC, GC, LCMS, GCMS, R&D, QC, Plastic Vials & Inserts, Library Storage Compare to Certified Vials by Instruments companies. Series 5,000

RSA™ is the premier vial and cap system available today. RSA or Reduced Surface Activity glass is made with AQ Brand™ glass quality and materials but adding a new, patent pending process where the surface reactivity of the glass vials is greatly reduced from all other vial brands including market leaders. This unique glass reduces adsorption of basic analytes, has a much lower metal content on the surface, and will not cause a pH change in the presence of water. Labs with low abundance or low dosage forms of analytes select this level to eliminate loss of precision which can be seen in other glass. These vials are not only checked for fit and form but also the actual glass surface chemistry is quality controlled. 

Best in class product at affordable pricing with glass that does not change the sample chemistry. Designed for low dosage or low abundance samples when searching for impurities, unknown unknowns; often used in UHPLC, HPLC, GC, LCMS, LCMS/MS, GCMS, GCMS/MS, SFC,. Series 10,000

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