Department(s): Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Technical Support

The Hot Keys listed below are designed for quick replies to a customer inquiry including but not limited to pricing, contact information, and technical support.  Anyone who answers the Click to Chat service should familiarize themselves with the different Hot Keys available to ensure a prompt reply.

General Chat

AppNotes Application Notes
…ttp:// | open link

Discounted Pricing Response
I am not authorized to give out discounted pricing online. May I escalate this to our Sales team? They will be happy to assist you.

Discounted Pricing: VWR, Fisher and other customers
Thank you for your inquiry, I am not authorized to give out any pricing information via our Chat Service. May I have one of our sales representatives contact you offline?

Finished Finished Chatting Sign off

Thank you for your time and for chatting with me. Have a great day.

Finishing Finishing the chat
Is there anything else I can do for you at this time?

Notify Visitor we are still here: Bear with me
Please bear with me for another moment I am still looking into this for you. Do you mind waiting or shall we contact you offline when we have your answer?

Starting Please hold

May I ask you to hold while I look into your question further?

SLSEsc Sales Escalate
I am not authorized to make that decision. I would like to escalate this request to our sales department but it might take a little time. Would you prefer to wait and see if I can get someone to join this chat or would you prefer to have use contact you by email?

Scope Scope of Support Department
I am sorry but that is outside of the scope of the Support Group. May I have someone contact you by email?

Tech Support Call Back
Welcome back. Excellent question. I will forward this to our Tech Support Chemist so he can assist you with the concern. I just need to get a bit more information, would that be alright?

TechEsc Technical Escalate
I am not sure about the answer to that. I would like to escalate this question to our technical support department. I may need a little bit of time to see if I can get someone to join the chat.
May I do that?


Home Page TC | open link

TYPE-C Questions

Technical Support
I am sorry but that is outside of the scope of my qualifications. May I have someone else answer that question?

RSA Glass

RSADATA RSA data page website | open link

RSA1 What is the difference between RSA & Others
RSA vials are manufactured with a proprietary process that leaves the glass much less reactive than other glass used by all suppliers. For much more details, see our knowledge base for details or our web pages for descriptions and for some data that shows how the glass can perform.

Verify Info

GenInfo Acquire General Information
Before we begin, may I ask your name, email address and phone number so that in the event we are disconnected, we can contact you.

ContInfo Confirm Contact Information
Please confirm your name, email, company and phone number so we can have a representative contact you regarding your inquiry.

VerifyE Email Verify
To make sure we can get a hold of you, can you please verify your email address for me?

NoMatch Mistake: Visitor info does not match Confirmed
Thank you for this information. I want to be sure we have the correct information in order to reach you. When you signed on to chat with me you had a different email than the one you just confirmed. May I ask you to confirm that the address you just gave me is the address that is best to reach you?

Transfer Verify information before Transferring
Please verify for me, your first and last names, your company email address and your phone number while I transfer you in case we get disconnected.



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