Receiving Procedure

In order to assure that goods are received accurately and that the inventory and accounts payable figures are correct in the system, all goods received should follow the procedure described in this article.

Requirements to receive goods:

1) Vendor Packages
2) Vendor Packing Slips
3) Copy of MicroSolv’s corresponding Purchase Order
4) Sheet of Lot numbers available for the day
5) Box Cutter

After all items listed above are available follow the steps below:

1) Ensure the received Vendor package\box is intact. If any damage is found, report immediately to freight carrier and If damage is severe do not accept package. Notify immediate Supervisor.

2) Remove all items from the box. Check for damage, if any found, document and report to immediate supervisor.

3) Place all items with the same catalog # and lot # in individual bins.
***On vials: check both ends of the vials: the picture labels and lot# labels must match the vial contents. If not report discrepancy.

4) Compare each line item on the Vendor Packing Slip to the matching MTC Purchase Order. Ensure the Catalog#, Description and Quantities match the Vendor Packing Slip and the MTC Purchase Order.

5) Physical Count: ALL items must be physically counted before receiving in MAS90. Report any and all discrepancies immediately to Accounting Manager and document on Packing Slip.

6) If you receive an item that does not have a Lot # assigned from the vendor, assign a Lot # from the daily list of Lot #’s available and check off the number used to prevent duplication.

7) Go to Purchase Order Module in MAS90 » Main » Receipt of Goods Entry. See image below.

8) Click the Next Button and enter the Purchase Order Number to be received (should be the same listed on the vendor Packing Slip and you should also have a copy of it attached to the Packing Slip).

9) Go to the Lines Tab. Message Pop-up: “Receive Complete PO?” » Select NO (only say YES to items without lot numbers)

10) Click on the item to be received and the Quantity Received from the Vendor » click OK

11) Enter Lot # and amount received for particular Lot #

12) Repeat for each Line Item received

13) Go to the Totals Tab and click ACCEPT

14) Write MTC Cat# & Lot # and Vendor Lot# next to each line item on the packing slip. Stamp “RECEIVED” with Date & Initials

15) Make a “Copy” of the Packing Slip. On the “Copy” Highlight the Lot# & Catalog# of the item corresponding to the bin item it will be placed with.
Place “Yellow Highlighted Copy” in a Yellow Ticket Holder; place in corresponding item bin. (1) copy per product bin.

16) After receiving is complete, print the Receipt of Goods Register by clicking on Main » Daily Receipt Registers/Update. Review register prior to updating to verify that all information is correct and email a copy of the Daily Receipt Register to

17) Original Vendor Packing Slips are placed in the corresponding week in the Receiving Folder located outside of the accounting manager’s office.

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