Creating Work Order


Department(s): Purchasing and Packaging

A work order is entered at the time an item is received in SAGE. The work order is then released to the packaging department (see IKBA How to release WO). A work order is also created in the event an item needs to be made from finished goods. For example Easy Purchase pack item 9502S-3WCP which is not stocked but made to order and consists of two finished goods 9502S-WCV and 9502S-30C-B. This Work order would be entered and released on the same day.

Creating a Work Order: Created by Planner
1. Click on Work Order Entry

2. Header Tab (1)
a. Assign new Work Order Number
b. Today’s date
c. Change Status:
*Estimate: This option is selected once the purchase order is created. This option has no effect on inventory
*Firm Planned: This option is chosen if the item in in WIP and/or received. This option effects inventory numbers and shows in inventory inquiry
d. Make For:
*Inventory: This option is selected when the item is for stock
*Sales Order: This option is selected when the item is needed to fill a customer order. After selecting this option select the appropriate SO No.
e. Enter Item/ Bill No
f. Add amount to be made in the Qty Ordered Field. Note: If you have selected this Work order to be made for a sales order the Qty Ordered automatically reflects the
number needed to fill that order. This Qty ordered may need to be changed if the Qty Ordered includes stock for inventory.
g. Routing No. should already populate from inventory maintenance. You may add or change this field for each work order depending on circumstances of the Work Order.
*For Example: PM separations does not like their items labeled. Therefore, for item 9502S-0CV you would change the Routing No. to UNLABELED

3. Additional tab (2)
a. Status Comment: Use this field to add any comments relating to the work order.
b. Due Date: Enter date of when this order needs to be completed. In the case that this Work Order is being made for a SO the date will automatically pull in the date needed in order to ship the Sales Order by its ship date entered in SO Data Entry. If the item is being made for inventory the due date should be a week from the receipt date.
c. Lead Time: This information populated from Vendor information.
d. Sched Release: This field will populate once tab 5. Scheduling is done. If the item is not needed to fill an order the scheduled due date should be one week from receipt date.
e. Planner: Select the person creating the Work Order.

4. Operations (3): No changes should be needed for this information pulls from the Routing No. on the Header tab.

5. Materials (4): No changes should have to be made.

6. Scheduling (5): Hit the Schedule… Button. This button will take the information from the Sales order and/or Work order and calculate the Current Release Date, Current Due Date and Current Lead Time.

7. Click Accept