It is well known that dissolved gas in HPLC mobile phases can be problematic for HPLC methods. From day to day, the amount of gas that is present will vary depending on many factors. The only way to eliminate the potential for runs that do not meet your pass fail criteria due to dissolved gas is to eliminate the gas.

The traditional way of removing gas from solvent used in a mobile phase is to use a “drip filtration” device that has a porous membrane. Although this is very effective the problem with most “drip filtration” devices is that when you remove the filter holder device, you open the gas to the atmosphere. Depending on humidity and atmospheric pressure, you can almost immediately begin to re-introduce gasses like CO2 back into the mobile phase.

While you will have a very well filtered mobile phase, you can never be sure about the amount of gas that is present. This can be problematic.

Using our inline Degassers, the mobile phase is degassed and never exposed to atmosphere. This virtually eliminates the potential for re-gassing and minimizing you’re the potential for failed runs.

Another advantage of using our inline degassers over most others and certainly superior to “drip filtration” devices is that the amount of time the mobile phase is actually under negative pressure and the amount of negative pressure is controlled. This means a much more consistent and controllable mobile phase. It is often forgotten that when using a “drip filtration” device and house vacuum or a vacuum pump, if the mobile phase remains under negative pressure too long, the amount of organic will vary. This is due to the boiling point of organic solvents being lowered under negative pressures. From day to day, and batch to batch, the time and amount of negative pressure will change and thereby create a potential for variable and unknown mobile phase concentrations. This is eliminated by our inline Degassers. With the LED readout of the pressure, you can control the negative pressures. The microprocessor built into our units controls the vacuum for a consistent mobile phase.

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