How does CElixir-SDS™ separate neutral molecules using CE? – INTERNAL


The CElixir-SDS™ kits contain SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate) at concentrations that are at or above the critical micelle concentration. Micelles form with hydrophobic centers and charged groups on the ends of the micelles. The forming and destruction of these micelles happen very quickly and a dynamic medium is created. The distribution of of a molecule (analyte) in the micelles and the aqueous phase is called the capacity factor. The micelles created using the SDS possesses a large negative charge and migrates toward the anode. The neutral molecules are separated according to their distribution between the aqueous phases and the interior of the micelles. The EOF will “sweep” all the micelles toward the cathode. By having a very good control over the EOF is very important since the migration time of analytes of interest is measured between the migration time of water (t0) and the migration times of the micelles (tmc).

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