In order to cover a wide range of applications CElixirOA uses buffers at different pH. The most popular is CElixirOA 5.4 where the pH is optimal for the separation of most common organic acids.
With CElixirOA 8.2 Carbonate can be analyzed. The more alkaline pH makes it also possible to increase the selectivity for some analytes. For example, it is possible to separate propionic from sebacic acid, iso-citric from citric acid and 2-ethyl-hexanoic acid from octanoic acid.

CElixirOA 2.5 at pH 2.5 can be used for separation of UV absorbing anions such as bromide, bromate, chlorite, chlorate, nitrate, nitrite as well as maleic, oxalic, tartaric, fumaric acid and others.
Although these kits are available in three separate pH settings (2.5, 5.4 and 8.2) to achieve unique separations they can be adjusted as long as you stay within the capacity of the buffer.


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