I am consistently getting bubbles in my eVol syringes. I have tried slowing the aspiration speed which has helped a little, but hasn’t solved the problem.

Organic solvents commonly have a low vapor pressure. This can lead to bubbles being drawn from the solvent if it is aspirated too quickly – cavitation.

The following short procedure (<60seconds) has been successfully used to reduce cavitation by preparing eVol syringes for use with solvents with a low vapor pressure such as ether diethyl, petroleum ether, dichloromethane, heptane, hexane, ethanol, isopropanol, cyclohexane, chloroform, etc.

  1. 2 cycles with water (approx. 20seconds)
    B.  Alcohol (ethanol) 2 cycles (approx. 20seconds)
    C.  1 wash cycle with the solvent X (approx. 10seconds)
    D.  Solvent X (as many cycles as required)
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