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Autosampler Vials

1 Are the Softguard™ Septa and caps compatible with LCMS or LCMS/MS?

The Softguard™ Septa will outperform most septa and caps on the market when used with most LCMS applications. For very sensitive LCMS/MS applications we recommend our Advanced Quality, AQR™ septa…

2 Can the autosampler vials be used in a centrifuge? What is the maximum centrifugal force that can be used?

Autosampler vials are not designed to be centrifuged so we cannot support it with the exception of the MRQ & Max Recovery vials due to their thicker walls (both RSA or non RSA). They can withstand…

3 What are some inherent problems with vials that have a filter built into the cap?

The idea of a filter membrane that fits directly onto the autosampler vial like a standard cap may seem like a streamlined, labored-saving design. However, there are several practical issues associated…

4 What are the differences in the various autosampler vials offered by MicroSolv?

MicroSolv has the world’s most comprehensive assortment of Vials, Caps & Inserts for every chromatography need. They are provided in 4 different “tiers” or levels to suit every lab’s analytical…

5 What is the functional difference between the MRQ™ and the Max Recovery™ autosampler vials?

Both vials are designed so that the maximum recovery of precious samples can be achieved without the use of vial inserts. The difference between the two is important when different autosamplers with different…

6 What is the temperature range of MicroSolv's autosampler vial screw caps?

Autosampler vial screw caps are designed for use at room temperature with a typical temperature range of 0°C to 60°C . Caution: An extreme temperature range of -55°C to 220°C is possible, however…

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