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1 Is the MicroSolv AQ Nylon Filter Compatible with Formamide?

Yes, our MicroSolv AQ™ Nylon syringe filters are compatible with Formamide. Formamide, Dimethylformamide, and Acetamide, are all compatible with our MicroSolv AQ™ Nylon filters. Acetamide: Dimethylformamide:…

2 What is the maximum concentration of ammonium fluoride I should use in my mobile phase to avoid column damage?

If you want to use ammonium fluoride as a mobile phase additive to increase signal to noise in LCMS, the recommended limit is about 2 mM. Our studies have shown that concentrations of 5 mM can cause some…

3 Why should I buy from MicroSolv?

MicroSolv is unlike most companies in the Laboratory Supplies business. We are based in old fashioned ideals of customer satisfaction and helping all customers find solutions to their problems. We offer…

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