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1 Do Particil Columns need an extra end fitting kit?

Partisil HPLC Columns are a complete column and no extra end fitting kit is required. This column has the standard compression endfittings, WCS. The Partisphere is a cartridge column - and has a unique…

2 What is the pressure rating for PEEK HPLC fittings?

HPLC PEEK Male nuts are rated up to 6000 psi with finger tight nuts. Another consideration is the burst strength of the PEEK tubing. Below is a table with the recommended ranges of PEEK tubing.

3 What type of injector to use with the 2 µL Sample Loop

The 2 µL Sample Loop (catalog # 47001-002) can be used with Rheodyne™ 9725 and 9725i sample Injectors which are suitable for a 2 µL injection volume. In addition, it is designed for use with a Rheodyne…

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