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TYPE-C Silica Hydride HPLC Columns

31 What is the bubbling or fizzing coming from a new Cogent TYPE-C column?

The bubbling of gas / liquid that can rarely occur when you remove the end plugs from a brand new Cogent TYPE-C™ column is harmless and does not indicate that the column is damaged. The escaping gas…

32 What is the most effective way to clean HPLC columns after or before use?

Many commonly used cleaning methods feature a strong wash solvent, run isocratically in order to elute strongly retained compounds or residual solvents from the column. After some time of washing in this…

33 What is the structure of the Cogent Phenyl Hydride bonded ligand? What is a "direct silicon-carbon bond"?

The Cogent Phenyl Hydride phase is a 4 carbon chain with a phenyl group at the end attached directly to the silica hydride surface with a single, direct silicon-carbon bond. With bonds in traditional…

34 When should I use temperature in HPLC method development?

Column temperature* is a useful but often overlooked variable in HPLC separations. In reversed phase (RP), retention generally decreases with increasing temperature. For this reason, higher temperature…

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