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Qualification Products

1 Can the HSQ or PQ kits be used with Waters equipment and Empower chromatography data software?

Yes, the MicroSolv HSQ™ and PQ™ kits can be used with any type of HPLC instrument or data system the instrument may have. However, note that Waters Associates™ offers a somewhat similar performance…

2 How do I eliminate bubbles in the hand held syringe pump.

I am consistently getting bubbles in my eVol syringes. I have tried slowing the aspiration speed which has helped a little, but hasn’t solved the problem. Organic solvents commonly have a low vapor…

3 What are the concentrations used in the Refractive Index Qualification Kit?

The solutions of the HPLC Performance Qualification Solutions for Refractive Index and Light Scattering Detectors have the following certified concentrations: Solution Header 2 L1 0.200 mg/mL ± 0.0002…

4 What is the expiration date of opened PQ Kit solutions?

The expiration date that is printed on the bottle is good for opened or unopened solutions. However, the solution bottles should be kept sealed and at room temperature in a dry place to avoid evaporation.…

5 Why does the color of the Holmium Oxide Solution for qualification look different than before?

The color of the solutions depends on the room lighting. Under fluorescent lights, the solutions may appear bright pink. Under regular outdoor lighting they usually a dull yellow. This is normal as it…

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