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1 Are the chromatography syringes RoHS compliant?

RoHS is a European regulation restricting the use of certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products. The RoHS regulations do not really apply because syringes are not “electrical…

2 Bubble formation when using inlet filters for HPLC mobile phases.

When an HPLC pump is active, a vacuum is present in the tubing and any filter that is connected to the pump. If the liquid cannot flow fast enough, an air bubble will result which is commonly called "cavitation".…

3 How much volume can the 47mm membrane filters handle?

The 47mm membrane filters are used for vacuum filtration of solvents. In most cases a filter can be used as long as it is not blocked with particulate matter. In most applications you will use the filters…

4 How often do you need to change filters for the Filter/Degasser?

The frequency at which the filter membrane has to be replaced is dependent on the sample's volume of undissolved particles. The more particles, the more frequently it has to be replaced and vice versa.…

5 What is the inside diameter of the opening of your luer-lock syringes catalog# 58901-S?

The inner diameter of the opening has been measured to be approximately 2.1–2.2mm. Luer-Lock Syringe Product Page © Copyright MicroSolv Technology Corporation, all rights reserved.

6 What other items do I need to use the Basik™ filter/degasser?

Catalog # 58800-47-KT is designed for filtering mobile phase solvents to ensure removal of particulates prior to introduction to an HPLC system. Although it has a sintered glass filter as part of the…

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