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Separation of Neutral Compounds by CE using CElixir-SDS™

Reference Number: AA-02999 Created: 03/01/2017 02:52 PM Last Updated: 03/01/2017 03:30 PM

Neutral compounds normally migrate with the Electro-Osmotic Flow (EOF) in CZE. Using the proper buffer additives, MEKC can employed and neutral compounds can be separated along with charged molecules. This pre-made “validated” kit makes MEKC easy to perform, reliable and a powerful addition to any laboratory taking advantage of the power and advantages of CE.

Method Conditions:
Catalog No.: 06200-50
Supplied Buffers and Solutions were used without modification
Voltage: 25kV
Capillary: MicroSolvCE™ Bare Fused Silica, 75µm x 60cm
Injection: 5 sec, 0.5psi followed by post injection Water Plug
Run Buffer: CElixir-SDS Accelerator™ 50-50 Borate pH 9.2
Detection: UV, 200nm
Polarity: Normal

Sample Preparation:
A standard Test Mix of Caffeine, Sorbate, Benzoate, Saccharine, Acesulfame and Quinine was used.

Discussion and Rationale:
The CElixir-SDS™ kits use the patented dynamic coating technology of CElixir™ which makes getting results easier and more reliable. Precision through stabilization of the EOF and control of the SDS allows these kits to be used by beginners as well as experienced experts. No buffer preparation and therefore less variation in critical CE parameters also makes these kits the choice of routine as well as research laboratories.

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