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L-Theanine in Green Tea

Reference Number: AA-02471 Created: 11/03/2014 04:09 PM Last Updated: 09/11/2020 04:35 PM

In this application, we investigated the use of a Cogent Diamond Hydride 2.o™ column for the study of L-Theanine in green tea. The column has two important properties which should address help with L-theanine analysis. 

     First, it is designed for use in the Aqueous Normal Phase (ANP) mode in which compounds are retained on the basis of polarity. 

     Second, the particle diameter is much lower than standard 4 or 5 μm phases. It is a near-UHPLC phase with an average particle diameter of 2.2 μm. 

This leads to increased efficiency of analyte peaks and therefore greater peak height. Hence, the sensitivity can be increased without resorting to lengthy and unreliable derivatization procedures. A smaller particle size column can also be used to obtain greater analysis speed and hence higher throughput.

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