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Extractable and Retention Volume Study of MicroSolv AQ Brand NDX-Depth Filters

Reference Number: AA-02343 Created: 06/06/2014 09:43 AM Last Updated: 04/23/2020 03:23 PM

The MicroSolv AQ™ Brand NDX™-Depth Filters, 0.45um, nylon were compared to those from a different market leading, ordinary filter. 

A solvent of 70:30 acetonitrile:DI water was passed through each filter brand. In one instance, the filtrate was sent directly into an autosampler vial ("No Wash"). In another, the first 1mL was sent to waste and then the rest was collected in an autosampler vial ("Wash"). All four vials were used in HPLC studies to determine whether extractable peaks were present. The peak areas of the observed extractables are shown here:

The AQ™ Brand depth filters yielded substantially lower extractables than ordianry competitive filters, hence minimizing potential interferences in your HPLC analyses. Further studies demonstrate additional advantages of the MicroSolv AQ™ Brand NDX-Depth Filters. 

Retention Volume is the amount of liquid remaining in the filter after all passing all the liquid through. This can become important in expensive or scarce samples where you want to minimize sample waste. In this study, the AQ Filters have much less liquid remaining in the filter compared to an ordinary filter:

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