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How does the Clean-Cut90™ tubing cutter work for cutting PEEK tubing?

Reference Number: AA-01190 Created: 01/23/2013 05:18 PM Last Updated: 09/07/2020 03:08 PM

      Clean-Cut90™ Tubing Cutter for PEEK Tubing        
The blade of the Clean-Cut90 tubing cutter has 2 sides to consider. One side (marked on the tool with an arrow) gives a perpendicular cut. The other side of the blade gives a cut with a 85° angle and has to be re-cut. We have tested different blades and decided this would be the best way to get a satisfactory result. If you feel that something is wrong with the blade or something is on it, please change the blade with one that is included with the unit at the time of purchase.

Since one side of the cutter is straight (90° angle) and perpendicular to the tubing, it produces a perfectly straight cut. However, the other side of the blade has an 85° angle and the "other piece remaining" should be recut when ready to use to create the perpendicular cut needed for HPLC. Also, other tubing cutters that do not employ a straight edge, never produces a perfect cut. For example some cutters have blades that have an 86° angle on both sides. These cutters produce tubing with less than perfect cuts.   Tubing Tools Ordering Information 

In order to get the best cut, you need to use the hole that is designated for the correct diameter tubing. The tubing cutter is equipped with holes to accommodate five different tubing ODs: 1/4", 0.15", 1/8", 0.105", and 1/16". The tubing should fit snugly in the appropriate hole.




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