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How can I purge metals from my HPLC system using EDTA?

Reference Number: AA-01181 Created: 01/14/2013 01:54 PM Last Updated: 07/23/2016 03:43 PM

In LC-MS, metal ions can be responsible for distorted analyte peak shapes via chelating. If you determine that this is the cause of a peak issue, here is what you can do to eliminate metals from the system and see that they don't cause further problems.

1. Add 5-10 micro Molar EDTA to both A and B solvents of the mobile phase. Be sure that the concentration is micro Molar not milli Molor or there will be significant issues.
2. Purge the system thoroughly with the new mobile phases.
3. Add 100 micro Molar to the sample.
4. Before injecting the sample, inject a plug of 100 micro Molar EDTA onto the column. This will remove any metals that may be chelated at the stationary phase surface.

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