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How do I condition Diamond Hydride columns when I use them for serum samples?

Reference Number: AA-01073 Created: 12/12/2012 05:05 PM Last Updated: 07/22/2016 04:46 PM

For serum (and other biological samples) we recommend using:

Solvent A: 50% DI water/50% methanol (or 2-propanol) + 0.1% formic acid (for positive mode) or +10 mM ammonium acetate or formate (for negative mode)
Solvent B: The same as you would ordinarily use

Methanol or 2-propanol helps to clean the column between injections, which is necessary for analysis of complex matrices such as plasma, serum, urine, etc. If for any reason only DI water (with additives) has to be used as solvent A, you can add a washing step in the autosampler sequence every 10 injections using the methanol or 2-propanol-containing Solvent A listed above.

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