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Reference Number: AA-00639 Created: 05/01/2012 04:44 PM Last Updated: 07/12/2013 11:14 AM

Separation of potential urine biomarker from isobaric ß-alanine  


This developed LC-MS method can separate sarcosine from beta-alanine in serum and urine samples without using labor-intensive sample derivatization. Since sarcosine is considered a potential biomarker for prostate cancer risk and aggressiveness, it is essential to resolve and accurately quantify this compound in the presence of isobaric (same m/z) beta-alanine. This objective is achieved using a Cogent Diamond HydrideTM column and a simple gradient method presented in this application note. The developed method is sensitive, specific, quantitative, and reproducible (%RSD =0.1). It can be used in large scale studies with numerous samples (high throughput of the method due to simple sample preparation).

No 129 Separation of Potential BioMarkers on DH LCMS.pdf 90.9 Kb Download File
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